The Chamber Of Beheaded Queens by KT Parker


The Chamber of Beheaded Queens” imagines what happens when Anne Boleyn, Mary Stuart, Catherine Howard and Marie-Antoinette are thrown together in the afterlife.  They may have been finished off in this life, but they’ve got unfinished business in the next…
Version 2
Anne Boleyn, second wife of Henry VIII, and Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, share a chamber in the honeycomb of eternity where they bicker about things both epic and trivial. Disagreement about how to allocate the ten tokens they are given every century to spend for their comfort and pleasure opens old wounds. Clever Anne is still bitter about the manner of her demise and resents Mary banging on about her generations of royal descendants. Mary meanwhile is sulky and querulous, acting the martyr and needling Anne about her only daughter’s role in her death.

Version 2

While Anne and Mary prepare for the imminent arrival of Marie-Antoinette, Catherine Howard makes a surprise visit to them. Although Catherine was the fifth queen of Henry VIII, she was never officially crowned and is thus excluded from the Chamber of Beheaded Queens. She begs to be allowed to transfer there from the foul Dungeon of Adulterers, where she is wretched.

The encounter with both Catherine and Marie-Antoinette forces Anne and Mary to face unpalatable truths, but wrings out the best in them as they give comfort to two souls in torment. Their relationship will never be the same again.
Christine Corser (as Anne Boleyn)
Christine graduated from The Court Theatre Training company in 2014. Most recent credits include Princess Jasmine in ‘Aladdin‘ for Gary Starr Productions, Hera/ Mum/ Janice in ‘Deal Or No Deal‘ for Glitch Theatre and ‘A Wartime Majorette‘ for Dreamworldwide. She also co-produces and performs at The Spare Rib burlesque and cabaret nights. She has always felt a strong pull towards the role of Anne Boleyn and is really excited to be part of this funny and moving play.
Ashleigh Barton (as Mary Queen of Scots)
Ashleigh has been actively performing in amateur theatre since the age of 13. After leaving sixth form with a drama A-level, she forged a career as a successful professional vocalist, singing at venues across the North West and North Wales. Ashleigh is a member of local theatre company Wildflowers Productions, whose latest production ‘The Morgue Table‘ has just completed it’s third successful outing following performances at the Epstein and Unity theatres. 
Jessica Huckerby (as Marie-Antionette)
Jessica Huckerby has recently graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a B.A Honours in Drama. Her most recent productions include ‘Posh‘, in which she played the lead role of Alistair. She also has a lot of background television experience, Including a role as Ricky Tomlinson’s daughter in the recent production of ‘Gloves Off‘. 
Isobelle Binns (alternating as Catherine Howard and the Herald)
Isobelle is in her first year at Liverpool John Moores University studying Fashion Communication, but hopes to pursue a career in acting after she finishes her studies. She currently trains at The Merseyside Academy of Drama, where she attends weekly acting for camera classes. She has recently taken a TV presenting course at the TV training Academy in Manchester. 
Maisie Young (alternating as Catherine Howard and the Herald)
Maisie is currently in her third year studying Acting at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. This year she has appeared in ‘Sense & Sensibility‘ and the world premiere of ‘Who’s Afraid of the Working Class?‘.
Kate O’Leary (Director)
Kate has directed a variety of plays over the years at colleges/universities and in local drama groups around the North-West, from ‘Macbeth’, ‘Julius Caesar’, ‘Measure for Measure’ and ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ to more modern dramas such as ‘Death And The Maiden’, ‘The Thirty-Nine Steps’, ‘California Suite’, ‘Oh, What A Lovely War’ and ‘Educating Rita’. Kate has also acted in Shakespeare, Beckett and Chekhov as well as memorizing a whole text whilst cooking egg and chips when she played Shirley Valentine in 2008!
KT Parker (Writer)
From the moment 11-year-old KT rewrote William Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ in “proper English”, it was clear she would one day be a writer. She is fascinated by stories based on the lives of real people, true events and social turning points, as well as literary adaptations with a twist. In particular, she strives to give a voice to women and other maginalised groups. Recently KT won the period/historical feature-film category of top US screenwriting competition Final Draft “Big Break” (2015) and has won or placed in numerous other screenwriting contests. ‘The Chamber Of Beheaded Queens‘ is her first play.
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