Hello everyone!

There’s something about film scores/songs that I absolutely love. Sometimes…okay that’s a lie, most of the time, I have music blasting from my speakers whilst studying, and my mum will come in and just stare. And I’m not talking about the latest top 40 uk hits, I could be writing an intense essay, and the motivation is the bass on Helm Deep.

I know I’m not the only one who listens to film scores and songs, but whenever I get asked by someone “Oh, what are you listening to?” Or I’m on a train and I have tears rolling down my face as I listen to the Ice Dance from Edward Scissorhands it’s happened! I’m often left with people looking at me weirdly then moving on.

Okay so is it just me? Or are there others out there with iPods filled with musical numbers/soundtracks? What are your personal favourite soundtracks? I have to admit, the best soundtrack of all time has to be the Shrek soundtracks.

They are something I am proud to say I have on my IPod. Well, actually, I’m proud of all of the albums on my IPod. Yes even my Now That’s What I Call Disney cd boxset. I’m painting a great picture of myself, aren’t I?!

Talking of Disney, now I recently had a sudden flashback to the narrated songs at the beginning of some Disney Animations. For example:

Now the line that gives me shivers EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. :”And that miracle appeared in LOOOOOOONDOOON TOWN.” Yes yes yes.

And what about the time you were about to embark on a journey to Neverland. Sometimes I think I am still there!

This next song makes my body wiggle in my desk chair. Well, it’s more of a march on the spot. Classically medieval!

Of course, I have a soft spot for Studio Ghibli films. And what’s even more magical about these films are their scores/songs. The singing in this song gives me chills overtime, especially when the harmonising begins from 3:19!

Now I could be here for hours, discussing so many different film songs/scores. Just a side note, I haven’t even started with my love for musicals! There’s something so calming about listening to a song that has been used to tell a story, or give a specific moment in a story a certain emotion, edge, cut to the piece. As I mentioned earlier, Shrek was/is definitely a top notch soundtrack, but my love for Howard Shore’s Middle Earth Scores are   at the top. What are your favourite scores/soundtracks? I’d love to check them out! Leave a comment below with your thoughts!

Lots of Love,

filmFANatiction! x