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Roberto Segate Photographer & Digital Artist

2000 Photography BA Degree
2003 Photography MA Degree

I’ve been image making in one form or another for years and began with traditional black and white photography but when I found that I was unable to create the visions in my mind using darkroom techniques I needed to think of something else. Luckily for me digital photography was breaking through and opened up possibilities which, ultimately, allowed me to reach a point where I can create anything. And although the years of formal photography education have not contributed monetarily (my job is far removed from art!), they did help change my way of thinking and steer me toward deeper, less obvious conclusions.

I mainly create dark art. Some say creepy and disturbing. One thing’s for sure, the majority of my work is not exactly what you’d call pretty!

Someone once said that I take beautiful models and make them look like crap! That’s not strictly true. It is true that I’ve worked with many beautiful models, and that I have ‘changed their appearances’ to help create the type of image I’m looking for. They don’t look like crap by any means! In fact my images convey a thought provoking sombre beauty.

My work is usually dark and somewhat depressing. I create otherworldly images enhanced by troubled and lost figures, in hopeless environments. The work is 90% digital and the aim of a photoshoot is to capture model poses & expressions etc. I’m too not fussed with background or, to a large degree, the lighting, flat lighting generally works best for me. I’ll usually spend a lot of time creating the final image and make extensive use of found materials & textures etc.

I tend to focus on ‘projects’ and immerse myself totally; to the point of obsession. The last project is based on the panopticon, a type of prison employing very ‘efficient’ surveillance; using a single guard to surveil all inmates within each cell. This in turn would instil within the prisoners a sense of paranoia and vulnerability – dehumanising and demoralising. The work describes situations and focuses on certain inmates/patients. My obsession with this project has spawned several books which catalogue the prisoners and, one book, describes the scandalous discoveries with the walls of this fictional panopticon – Northbarrow Institute for the Criminally Insane. So, you see, I rarely create happy images!!

The work is rarely pristine. I prefer to ‘rough up the image’, including dirty, messy elements and textures. By doing so the images become more ambiguous in terms of time & date. Adding mystery. Grunge makes perfect imperfection. ‘ True perfection has to be imperfect’ – Oasis (Little by Little). Even the Gallaghers get it!
Some say the work is depressing, even my missus says so – she doesn’t even want the stuff on the walls!! But, the point is that I’m interested in any image which conveys a particular feeling and raises questions. If someone asks me a question about the image I know it’s worked. Indifference is not what I want. I remember that somebody did ask me a question a while back, he asked ‘why bother’, that’s the spirit.

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