While we are on the subject of photography of our urban surroundings we have to delve into the subject of Industrial Nature, the process of nature reclaiming our industrial landscapes can be found all around us in our brownfield sites. We can readily record these and we see a lot of examples of this in the photography world. But what about the sites from our industrial revolution that are not that easy to access. The abandoned sites that still show their social infrastructure, but are now giving up their historical values to nature.

Sites that were built to accommodate the growth of our industrial empire by some of the greatest minds of that era. The roads, the aqueducts and the mines themselves are a testament to the endurance of our ancestors. But, in the end nature has won the battle and is taking back it’s battle ground.

Here we show photographer Einir Leigh’s first instalment of images she has kindly sent from the stunning Welsh Mountains of Snowdonia National Park showing remote welsh slate mines that are hidden from every day view. You can see more of Einir’s photography here :

_DSC0061 DSC_0050 DSC_1766 DSC_1862 DSC_1802 _DSC0050


All photographs are the property of Photographer Einir Leigh and cannot be reproduced without her written consent.