Today we feature UK Photographer  Liz Jeary who is based on The Wirral and is showcasing her work in the up and coming surroundings of New Brighton.


Liz Jeary. 

I am a fine art photographer that enjoys experimenting with images, both digitally and physically. Although I profess to being poor at sewing, I enjoy the process of planning and carrying out projects involving embroidery. I also take inspiration from alternative film techniques and apply these in the form of digital manipulations.

In 2014, I graduated from the University of Salford with a First Class BA (Hons) in Creative Media & Visual Communication (Photography). I also received a Commendation for consistently high grades, and the project management and curation of 3 group exhibitions. I have had work featured in some international publications and also exhibited alongside some international photographers at the Library of Birmingham last autumn.

I fund my work by operating Birdhouse Photography, a mobile portrait and pop up studio (party photo booth), based on the Wirral. I intend to continually consider the evolution of photography and investigate different practices that can enhance or even make my work.

Liz Jeary













DONE/UNDONE Exhibition

Some of the works exhibited are DONE. They are photographs that have been printed and then physically manipulated with embroidery – this is a permanent alteration and it cannot be undone without leaving scars.

Other works displayed can be UNDONE. They have digital alterations in the form of textured layers. This is not permanent and can be re-worked over and over again, with each one being available to print over and over again. There are textures that are both real and unreal – bi-textural. This is the joy of modern photography, that it can be so many different things other than just a nice picture on a screen.Done/Undone will be open on Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th (extended for New Brighton Festival) at Unit 13 Marine Point (between Subway and Starbucks) in New Brighton.

E-mail [email protected] and for further information visit the website.



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