Let us introduce to you : Habitual Firestarter

I was born in Brooklyn New York in the City of Flatbush, i grew up in Dubia, then moved back to the States, Los Angles to be exact. i hold a few degrees, a B.s in Computer science and a Masters in Theoretical Physics From UCLA. i got in serious about my art work and poetry about two years ago, because one of my friends pushed me to share my work on public media. I adopted the name “Habitual Fire Starter” because my close friends said they see a constant fire that burns like a hot amber deep inside me. So the name kinda stuck with me, lol

I like to work behind the scenes, not to mention i’m extremely camera shy.
Because over the years, I’ve come to find out that the less you are  seen the more people value your work.
I live by one motto that has served me well over the short period of time that i’ve lived on the earth. and that’s (To strive to be worthy of knowing, rather than be well known)…
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In forest dark where trees bend low
Beneath a slice of half moon’s glow,
Silent shadows waver there,
Chilled by gusts of autumn air.

Quivering, as if afraid,
they fall on stumps from trees decayed.
among those stumps the shadows creep
and shroud a form that seems asleep.

Lightning flashes . . . Thunder peels.
A sight forlorn the light reveals
a man, quite dead, in woolen coat,
with scarf of death left on his throat.

The shadows saw, and now they quake,
lone witnesses in murder’s wake.
They cannot speak, but if they could,
they’d tell all travelers of the wood: “We’re not the foe.
It’s one of you that makes us tremble as we do.
Although we loom and cause you fear,
something worse is lurking here. ” Then Thunder echoes in accord
As from the sky, cold rain is poured.
And silent shadows start to shrink
Into a night of blackened ink.

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