A play considered too radical for West Belfast returns to Liverpool

“How will we justify doing nothing?  There is no justification, only justice – your words Dan, you found him guilty too…’’

‘Bookended by a baby crying and gun shots, it is the humanity of the story that drives Committed.’ – The Skinny Review, 2014

‘Representation, and what that means politically when nobody voted an individual or group in. It’s inherent corruption and how its power corrupts those that become associated with it. The Divide between those who do the dirty work and those that represent the clean side of political thuggery.’ – Christopher Coey (Poet and Writer)

Following its success at the Liverpool Irish Festival in 2014 after being considered too radical for West Belfast, writer Stephen Smith’s Committed is back in full force at The Blade Factory, Liverpool, this March with Falling Doors Theatre, a new company based in the North West who are bringing powerful and relevant theatre to Liverpool and surrounding areas.

The year is 1993, the place a catholic ghetto in Belfast. Dan McCrory, republican ex-prisoner,-has been sent to organise the people against a plague of petty crime. Where the police are not welcome, the “Concerned Residents Committee” will become be judge and jury. However, as Dan finds to his cost, Justice must wield a double-edged sword.

The playwright, Stephen Smith, is a published poet and was a political activist and teacher around the time of the troubles in Ireland. Smith’s plays are regularly produced in Ireland, Manchester and Liverpool, with Committed being written in Liverpool, following his experience as himself, a concerned resident, during the aftermath of the ceasefire. Committed will be directed by Sarah Van Parys, a graduate from LJMU, a Young Everyman Playhouse Director’s Course graduate and recently completed her placement with RTYDS Assisting with English Touring Theatre and the Everyman and Playhouse and the Young Everyman Playhouse Directors Course.

Falling Doors Theatre was set up by Sarah in 2014 to work primarily with local actors and writers developing and staging new writing. Committed is the 2nd play to be staged by Falling Doors Theatre following Pipedreams at The Lantern Theatre in Liverpool.

Press Night: 8th March 7.30pm
Opening Nights 9th and 10th March 2017 at 7.30pm

The Blade Factory
67 Greenland St, Liverpool L1 0BY
ADMISSION: £8, £6 for concessions

Geraldine Moloney-Judge
Michael Sanders
Kerrie McLaughlin
Jackie Jones
Darren Begley
Benjamin Engelen
Lee Burnitt
Liam Murphy