Claire Holtaway  brings to you her latest project The Selfies Series 1 – 6:

This series of work demonstrates the exploration of modern day stereotypes in relationship to the image obsessed culture surrounding us today, reflecting our ever growing selfie culture. Each individual image depicts a different female persona, yet all identities are stereotyped with the same face, that both engages and disturbs the onlooker.

About Claire

“The essence of my work reflects the constant barrage of sexualized images seen in the media. My photographs are created to challenge the voyeurism implicit in the viewer’s consumption of my images by depicting scenes which appear private, an invaded moment which is both sexually provocative and disturbing. However the images are in fact not of scenes from a private moment, but are highly constructed compositions, mirroring the fabricated images that influence and shape our visual culture. By assuming the role of both subject and photographer, I adopt different characters to depict the complexities of women’s identity in today’s hyper-sexualized culture.

As well as placing importance on the content of my photographs, the light, shadow, subject placement and framing are also all integral parts of my conscious compositions. I am always extremely aware of where light falls and where shadows can be best created in relation to the subjective environment.

Upon graduating with a 1st B A Honours Fine Art degree, I have been focussing on exhibiting my most recent work in the Liverpool Artist Club; I also plan to continue exploring ways to express my feelings on how women and girls are represented in western culture, and have also been invited to hold workshops for small college and school groups in the near future”.

No.1 Cornered Claire Holtaway

No.2 Reflection Claire Holtaway

No.3 Glam Claire Holtaway

No.4 Business Claire Holtaway

No.5 Vivid Claire Holtaway

No.6 Personal Claire Holtaway

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