In my years of development for websites and support for servers, I’ve always been on the look-out for a hosting provider that shows interest in its field over the profit that can be attained by providing a service that is more often than not impossible to obtain independently outside of a large company. It’s only now in the latest chapter of my career that I’ve managed to find this.

Greengeeks has been around for a while now, with its user number steadily increasing over the years through what I’d assume to be word of mouth. I’m not sure of their advertising campaigns in America, but here in the UK the company seems dwarfed by alternative hosting providers. This may be explained by their company ethics being heavily influenced by their green policy – not all too many who base their work around a computer may share similar interests in the matter – but Greengeeks shouldn’t be considered purely based on this matter. The website host offers support, service and prices that I’m yet to find in its competition. Ergo, it’s now the home of my own projects.

From the day of my registration to Greengeeks and their services, my overall experience has been one of total amazement that the standards held in their support are so scarce elsewhere. 24/7 Support? Yeah, that exists everywhere these days. The difference is that most hosting providers would have you sitting on a phone for so long that you’re quickly racking up a second subscription in time if not cash. Greengeeks offers all of their support services online. A quick live-chat can ease most of the hair-tearing troubles that come with hosting a website. Failing that, the ticketing system ensures that your website is in safe hands. In my experience, any mistakes I’ve made have been rectified by their support team within a few hours at no extra cost.

As with most hosting providers, Greengeeks maintains a 99.9% uptime. I’m yet to experience unscheduled downtime with my website under Greengeeks and confident enough to recommend it as an approving factor. The Green hosting solution boasts of its hardware that aids them in supporting their servers that maintain a steady rise in popularity. If you’d like to read more about this, you can do so here.

Although you might assume that a green provider – with an increase in expenditure as a result of their green policy – would reflect their goals in its prices, I’ve found that the host is cheaper in most, if not all, aspects. Is it worth the money? Beyond doubt. Greengeeks promises everything it says and more. The support team goes above and beyond to help in a timely manner that I’m yet to experience with other hosts. If you require a bespoke service to be added to your package, they’ll do the best they can to assist. The best part? You’ll never have to use a phone again. Not as far as your hosting is concerned, at least.

The one improvement I could suggest is to implement currency conversion within the website. Although it isn’t much of a problem when you know the rates, it would still be nice to see the inclusion of a demographic outside of America. As far as complaints go, I’d take that over the ones I’ve made to various other providers. For the foreseeable future in hosting the spawn of my work, the responsibility falls to Greengeeks.

If you’d like to learn more, click on the image below.

Greengeeks Web Hosting

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