Hey guys!

So I bought my little blogging/vlogging planner, and it’s already filling up! Next week I have the DMBLOGGGERPARTY (check out the hashtag on Twitter) to attend, which will be nice. I get to meet other bloggers in London, and hopefully make some contacts for guest blogging/vlogging 🙂

Anyways, it’s coming to that point of year where Summer is nearly over, and we’re all be heading back to our term lives, School/University etc… I thought I would share a video* with some of my tips and advice about uni.

*Did she just say VIDEO?!? Yes, you read that correctly, I feel motivated and determined to get vlogging more and so here is my latest video for you all 🙂

Just a quick overview, that this video is mainly aimed at those who are definitely heading to university. I can do a video with some advice/tips for those who are questioning whether to go to university or not, as I was always adamant on the fact I wouldn’t be going to University, and here I am going into 2nd year! Hahaha! Going to university, I had lots of questions, and there are so many places where you can get advice, but I personally found I just needed to reminded myself that it’s a fresh start, so I can make who I want to be from this point on. I was starting somewhere new, and so were the majority of students. Here it is:)

Leave me a comment with your thoughts, and if you would like any specific videos!

Lots of love,

filmFANatiction! xx