Hey readers! *to the tune of Avicii’s Hey Brother*

So this weekend, I decided to visit my sister up in Nottingham and she took me to Wollaton Hall. Now this is no ordinary hall. It is a beautiful Elizabethan mansion, filled with taxidermy Jungle creatures and animal skeletons, as well as beautiful surroundings with a park, a lake and a golf course! I think I might have forgotten the best part about it all… nananannana Batman the Dark Knight Rises was filmed in The Salon Room. I have included my vlog  for you to watch, but you can skip to 3:21 where my adventures in Wollaton Hall commence!

It was a beautiful day when I visited Wollaton hall, which made incredible Instagram photos *see below!*



It’s suitable and fun for all the family of all ages. It’s a lovely place to visit, and you can have a picnic outside in the gardens which is lovely. There are also deers nearby the mansion, but you have to walk downhill towards the exit to see them. The best part? It’s free!

Leave me a comment if you’re planning on going, or if you’ve been there before! I enjoyed my visit, and intend on going again. I urge you to visit the place!

Lot’s of love,

filmFANatiction! x