When we first started playing together in Rach’s university bedroom, we wanted to form a band that sounded like a cross between Sex Bobomb (the band from the movie Scott Pilgrim Vs the world) and Canadian duo Death From Above 1979. Basically, loud, short, fast and fun. I played through a small 30 watt Marshall guitar amp, which gave us the right bass sound we were looking for. Haha. After a while it started making weird noises so I got myself an actual bass amp. And we started going to an actual practice room! As the time went on our sound developed and we got into a pattern of calling song titles stuff like “Drenge Song” “Radiohead Song” “Chili’s Song” and we still to this day forget that Drenge Song is actually “Fortune Favours The Bold”.
Our influences come from a range of places, we all have our own individual tastes, likes and dislikes, but something we share greatly is wanting to have some fun and not take being in a band so seriously. It’s just a band. And it’s just some fun to get us through the week.
As far as our journey this year, we’re pretty overwhelmed by the response and support we’ve had. We’ve not even played a gig yet and we’ve been booked to play Cardiff’s Sŵn Festival. Our first gig is July 17th back in my home town of Oxford, to play for the Young Women’s Music Project and their 15 year Anniversary party at Modern Art Oxford. Which is right up our street!
One of the highlights is the AirPlay and support we’ve had from BBC Radio Wales DJ Adam Walton. He’s played us on his show almost every other weekend since we launched, and I’m sure it’s strictly a Welsh show! So when the three of us sat down and tuned in to listen together (which we could being so close to Wales) the smiles on our faces were filled with joy and excitement. It was a great thing to share with each other and a great thing to experience.
Another highlight is actually going into the studio to record the first batch of tunes. We went to Orange Sound in Penmaenmawr, North Wales, and smashed four songs out over a weekend. Hearing the songs back for the first time was such a wonderful feeling. Big shout out to Russ Hayes, he’s the best.
Talking songs a bit more, our set is ready for public consumption which includes three new tunes. But I’d say we have around ten songs that will be ready in the next six months. We’ll probably pick a few for another EP or something. For now we’re just going to ride these waves and keep practicing and writing.
The band are Jess on bass, Carleia on guitar, and Rach on drums.


17/7/2015: Modern Art Oxford
29/7/2015: Maguires Pizza Bar, Liverpool
20/8/2015: Telfords Warehouse, Chester
7/11/2015: Sŵn Festival, Cardiff