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DEBUT ALBUM Has Been Released


 “Enigmatic… post-rock soundscapes built from guitar, keys, drums, electronics and guest vocalists [that] are lofty and dramatic in scale” – METRO

 “a grand sweeping cinematic statement of intent. A kaleidoscopically expansive album that perfectly captures the power and beauty of the multi-instrumental duo’s music… one minute effervescent, the next, positively apocalyptic” – THE INDEPENDENT

Nordic Giants have unveiled the short film for ‘Rapture’, the lead track from the elusive duo’s debut album A Séance Of Dark Delusions released through Kscope on May 4th. The video premiered at Wonderland who said, “[it] is nothing short of a cinematic feat, it’s like a full feature with the dialogue cut out. Just as dramatic as the imagery is the music.”

The visually stunning piece features jaw-dropping landscapes and sees a pair of post-apocalyptic inhabitants traverse sandy beaches, chilling mountaintops and sprawling countryside in a captivating story of dark dedication.

The touching themes of otherworldly environmentalism and ecological decay are intriguing and affecting in equal measure. They also expand further the creative process of Nordic Giants as the duo themselves self-produced, directed and edited the magnificent film.

The song ‘Rapture’ is a beautifully dramatic taste of the band’s debut album. Operatically charged by Beth Cannon’s vocals, the song’s cavernous yet sacred sentiments crawl beneath the skin with their poignant key chimes, creeping synths and choral backing.

Largely instrumental, the album A Séance Of Dark Delusions reflects the inspired musical experimentation and atmosphere of Sigur Rós, 65daysofstatic, Björk and Pink Floyd. Nordic Giants bring a heavy orchestral brutality through progressive guitar, drum and brass, which are paired with haunting electronics as they warp loops and end-of-the-world samples through pattered keys.

On stage Nordic Giants become an even more imposing beast. Experimenting with different live performance spaces, from Victorian halls to 360-degree visual domes to digital mapping shows, audiences are always filled with intrigue. Using short films – incorporating delicate illustration and animation as well as immersive actor led stories from acclaimed directors – Nordic Giants soundtrack their awe-inspiring and ever changing show delivering the very heights of emotive captivation.

“The perfect union between ambient post-rock and film” – Time Out

 “It’s hard not to be seduced within the sphere of aural grandness, this is very good stuff indeed” – Classic Rock

 Nordic Giants sweep you off of your feet with monolithic walls of noise. It’s wholly dramatic, operatic rock, with the group opting for torrents of strings, chiming keys, percussion, waves of distortion and a plethora of embellished sounds. Nordic Giants summon a whole new world to transport you to, and they’ve no intention of letting you leave.” – Line Of Best Fit

In support of A Séance Of Dark Delusions Nordic Giants will conduct a full UK headline tour in May. The full album track listing, Nordic Giants tour dates and full ‘Rapture’ video credits are below:



  1. Elysian Skies
  2. Evolve Or Perish
  3. Rapture ft. Beth Cannon
  4. Give Fight To The Imagination ft. Freyja
  5. Dissolve ft. Saturday Sun
  6. Illuminate
  7. Futures Dark ft. Nadine Wild Palmer
  8. Black Folds
  9. A Thousand Lost Dreams




Co-directed & produced by Nordic Giants

Co-directed & photography by Jacob Parish & Tom Mansfield

Stylist & make-up by Lucille Dee

‘Body’ played by Benjamin Bismuth

CGI by Fluke .Inc