Photography with thanks : Adrian Wigerdal

Ji Nilsson – Perfume

Single out 27th May on Best Fit Recordings


“It smells like Summer in here”.

Singer-songwriter and producer Ji Nilsson returns with the quintessential summer jam. Oozing with a sweet, knowing confidence and augmented by Ji’s unmistakably sensitive vocal, “Perfume” acts as the perfect follow-up to the incredibly well received singles “Heartbreakfree” and “Encore”.

Working out of her apartment/studio in her native Stockholm, Sweden there’s no more apt Twitter bio than Nilsson’s – it simply says “I write, produce and sing”. As she says herself it’s where she eats, sleeps and makes music while dreaming about mermaids, the ocean and living for “danceable songs about heartbreak”.

While the young Swede has been writing and producing her own R&B-influenced pop material since 2010, Nilsson took a break from her pursuit of the perfect tearful dancefloor banger in 2012 to write for other musicians, most notably her fellow Swede and close friend Marlene with whom she created the masterful pop of “Love You Anyway”, which she realised had helped her develop as a songwriter. Yet the urge to make her own way in the pop world was hard to keep in check; during a break in New York City, living in an apartment with “paper thin walls and a rock hard bed”, Ji wrote her first single “I’m Her” in 2013 before following it up with the intimate-yet-clubby “Heartbreakfree” (just the 1.7 MILLION PLAYS on Spotify and drawing praise from Refinery 29, Idolator and Spin) and recent single “Encore”, where Nilsson’s sweet and pure voice begs for just one more dance before the song – and relationship – ends.

In talking about these songs and what else we can expect from Ji Nilsson, the singer explains that we will find “Pop, R&B, handclaps, thematic lyrics and underwater magic mermaid sounds” but also some emotions that we can all identify with: “I also hope you’ll recognize some of the feelings I describe, hope it makes you want to dance and maybe cry a little. And I hope you want to keep listening.”

A woman in complete control of her musical vision, Ji Nilsson makes serious and seriously good pop music.

“Perfume” was released on May 27 via Best Fit Reccordings.