Melbourne duo Tom Iansek & Jo Syme return to their creative, musical sanctum Big Scary with the release of new song “Organism” 

The pair have spent focused time working on new material for their upcoming album, and are currently putting the finishing touches on what is set to be another forward-thinking journey into one of the most inventive and challenging pop acts in recent years.

As front man Tom Iansek said of the song, “It’s moving back towards Jo and I as a band and the dynamic between us. It’s refocusing on the duo. With this has come a lot of stripping back of the non-essential, using less to create more. Using new and unfamiliar textures but keeping the performance firmly grounded in that of two people playing.”

Adds drummer Jo Syme: “Obnoxious sax stabs dance with the bass. The simple parts slot in around each other with little rhythmic tricks to make this quirky, three-minute pop song.”

Since releasing their Australian Music Prize Winning LP Not Art, and extensively touring the US, Big Scary’s Iansek and Syme have kept themselves busy. Expanding their label/collective Pieater with quintessential releases from #1 Dads and Airling, Iansek has also gone on to become one of the most sought after producers in the country. At the helm of all Pieater releases, he’s also recently worked with Art Of Sleeping, Hockey Dad, Montgomery, Banff and Step-Panther

He’s once again behind the production of Big Scary’s new music, pushing further the skills that have been so readily seen in the last 12 months across the Australian music scene. “More widely, I recognize now Big Scary as a chance to challenge where I am at artistically. I force myself to take stock of where I am as a songwriter and producer; where I see other music heading; and where I want to head. This makes in many ways for a gruelling and tortuous process, especially with no guarantee of a positive outcome, but does allow many other things to flow in its wake. I often take the sounds, techniques and ideals I learn from making Big Scary albums into my surrounding work as a producer.”

On tour in the USA through September, Big Scary will tour in the UK later this year. | @bigscarymusic |