Written and produced by Ian Carroll. Directed by Bernie C. Byrnes.

When you are in Liverpool and just starting up your own restaurant, who are you best to turn to when you need a little bit of help? Well, for the Hitler family there was only one choice and that was to get in touch with relatives. A letter is sent by Alois (Eirik Bar) and Bridget (Giulia Rampone) to Austria in the hope that Alois’s half brother could make the journey to help out. After some time they receive positive news and soon they are waiting on the platform of Lime Street station with the steam from the locomotives billowing across.

An eery silence descends on the theatre and you sense an evil presence walking through the steam into their lives. From the gloomy shadows a certain Adolf Hitler (Chris Pybus) comes into view. A young man alone, he stands stationary as the steam dissipates. It is as though Adolf had been delivered from hell itself.

The story neatly unfolds and tells the story of a young Adolf who has come to Liverpool to dodge the draft. He is a man who has been rejected from Art School and gave up his first love as his ideology took hold and found himself living destitute. Sleeping rough in Austria, his loathing of the system shapes his political views and he finds himself on the wrong side of many an argument.


Adolf is depicted as a work shy character in this play and he sets about his bohemian ways wandering the socialist docklands of Liverpool. He Lazes around the home of his half brother whilst telling his tales of woe. A story about a world that does not understand him and how in his opinion, the twisted political view that he has formed is the last remaining hope for the Fatherland.

The play is gripping from start to finish and it tells a grim story woven with great humour.  The play portrayed Hitler for what he was and did not use the subject for drama’s sake…it gave  clear message that a man who may of walked the streets of Liverpool at some point was a truly unstable one.

Stunning performances by all involved and delivered a strong message to a packed theatre.

Cast :

Alois Eirik Bar

Bridget Giulia Rampone

Adolf Hitler Chris Pybus

Father / Customer Andrew Wall

Photographs kind permission Ian Caroll