Hey everyone!

So I had an incredibly fun filled weekend, all in London… well, actually, it was more Neverland than London! On Saturday, I went to the family fun day of Pan, in Leicester Square, which had a lot going on; Painting, performers, pictures, face paint, all the jazz. It was aimed more at younger children, than the age of my brothers, so we ended up chilling around London, going to Covent Garden, and eating Wasabi and Five guys. Yummy! If you ever want somewhere to eat, central London has it all. The best part was, because my brothers both have specific taste buds, we could go to two places within a few steps of one another!


Anyways, yesterday (Sunday) was a really good day because my brother and I went to see Pan, at the World Premiere in Leicester Square! This was by far, one of the better premieres I’ve been too. So from the fun day, they had decked out the Square to look like Neverland with a huge pirate ship, and many different tents/teepees. It was quite magical, and of course, the carpet was blue! This worked perfectly with the whole atmosphere. Now, it was during the day which was even better, because it wasn’t too cold, and it was quite calm surprisingly. We had the chance to take a few photos on the carpet, and weren’t actually rushed along at all, which is what normally happens at a premiere. They had two screenings, one in the Odeon, and one in the Empire, which was really cool, however I started questioning which cinema the stars would be in.

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My brother and I went in and watched the live stream inside, waiting for the film to start, which was magical, and you could really listen to the interviews. Then the cast went onto the pirate stage, and the director did his speech before the film started. As the live stream ended, the title PAN came up on our screen, and the curtains closed, so we thought maybe the cast and director will come into our screen and then to the other, or vice versa, and start the film. Instead I noticed a lot of people turning heads, and on the balcony in the Odeon, the stars were taking their seats to  watch the film with us! Totally honest here, I saw Cara Delivingne in the flesh and screamed a little! hehehe!


The film itself was very family fun, and quite magical. I enjoyed it, and the CGI wasn’t overly done, so it all seemed quite immersive and real. However, without giving away spoilers, I will say I felt that the film was a little too fast paced. What I mean is that, unless you were fully paying attention, you missed a few of the jokes. I found the jokes quite funny, but I felt that the director had placed scenes and moments to be funny, and whilst I found them quite funny, because the audience didn’t laugh as much, I felt uncomfortable to laugh. Fast paced, but really good, I would recommend you go and see it if you like Peter Pan, or magical stories. This was a nice little film, and the animation within it, with the fairies and the memory moments, were REALLY incredible. GO see it for the animations if anything!

After the film ended, we came out and we didn’t have after party tickets, however what was quite awesome was that the party was taking place outside, in the square! It looked really cool from what I could see, and even though it was only 6:20, my brother and I were quite tired from the fun, so we left as soon as we came out.jack wright12010546_10153606515419929_1598296557242134359_o

I really enjoyed myself, dressing up inspired by the Mermaids, and feeling glamorous, I have to thank Metro Entertainment for providing the tickets, and well done everyone involved on the Pan film and premiere.

Btw, my favourite part is Blackbeards Entrance. The song, the animation, the acting, LOVED IT! <3

Chat soon!

filmFANatiction! xx