So tell me, what does low budget actually mean? Can you ever put a price on time? The film boyhood is rich in new creative ideas, following the journey of Ellar Coltrane who plays Mason so perfectly. The character is so laid back and believable that you actually follow this near on 3 hour epic film as though you are in their lives in someway. So, what is the plot? Well – It’s simple really. It is about a boy who grows up, his family is a bit dysfunctional and the camera is with them every step of the way. You have no high budget special effects. You don’t even get the block buster movie sound track. But what you do get is good honest acting that really draws you in and makes you believe what you are watching.

The clever part of this film is that when the idea was probably conceived and the cast chosen you have to wonder if Richard Linklater knew where this stunning piece of docudrama was going to end.  We see the characters age together, their personalities develop and change as the film travels through time. Ethan Hawke is the cool Dad. He is outstanding in this film along with a favourite of mine, Patricia Arquette, who is the one who stuck around and made a couple of dodgy choices on her parenthood journey. She is superb in this role and again, it’s just some natural acting that you believe. They all play life as it is. Lorelei Linklater plays the daughter. As with all the characters, she has perfected the role as a young daughter growing up within a family that has its fair share of troubles.

This film for me will be the film of the year. Yes, it was released 2014, but the industry is only just waking up to its value.

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